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Avid Readers 

With the Touch Reading Books app, you can read books on your mobile devices and use our features like audio reading to enhance your reading experience.

Download the Touch Reading Books app for iOS.

Read books on your iPad

In the Main Screen of the Touch Reading Books app, you’ll see the books that are recently published.

To start reading, just touch a book and it’ll load in the App

The free books library will appear in regular shades, and the premium books library will appear in a fainted manner, with only few pages reviewable

  1. Touch the Settings in the top left corner, and it will give you the auto play background music and the auto play videos options.
  2. Touch the Refresher in the top right corner, it will refresh the content

Yes that’s exactly what it does, that a child while reading a book can touch any letter or word on the screen, and that word will be readout in clear audio to the child.

Abbas Mushtaq

I love that my students can touch a word and the app will read it to them. Sometimes my struggling readers like to try to do stories that are just too difficult for them.

Fabian Martinez

My Favourite part of this product is the colour coding of the words. This helps with visual and audio recognition. I love it.

Jenna Johnson