Touch Reading

Touch Reading is guided by our determination to enrich every reader with colossal access to books, quality reading material and assess readers, publishers and authors in high-need areas. Touch Reading made it easy and effective to develop communication skills as well as lifelong love of reading.

Touch Reading is packed with quality learning e-books for children, parents and educators worldwide. Touch Reading is an innovative, interactive and rewarding experience that promise confidence and success for reader. The app is designed to feature books to help authors reach broader audience.

A perfect platform to showcase your book with potential to develop band of passionate followers globally. The app is an ideal replacement for traditional publishers to transit into the future via technology publishing.


Salient Features for book lovers

Touch Reading application is designed to read and listen the books on both IOS and Android devices.

Instant Access

Application first screen will provide all the available books, You can browse by different categories

Read on the go

Download purchased book and make it available offline, no matter you have internet or not, you can read or listen your book wherever you are.

Show love for reading

Mark your book as favorite! For future learning create you own bookshelf with preferred books.

Auto flip

Now you have an option to autoplay the book, pause and replay as per your liking. Use the GOTO-search feature to jump on the specific page.

Pin Drop Silence

If the background music of any book disturbed you silence then you can mute the background music

Touch Words

If you are unsure with pronunciation. Touch on specific word to listen how it pronounced.

Preview before Purchase

You have a right to preview book before you make any purchase, with this feature you have access of few pages to preview the content of the book

Manage Storage

Purchased books will be stored in your local drive and you have option to manage from App setting menu.

Claim Rewards

Wanted to avail discounts? With Coupon redemption feature you can claim exciting rewards.

Solutions for Publisher / Authors

For Publishers

The Touch Reading encourages books from various sources around the globe with goal of reflecting as many of our world’s culture as possible. We rely on the international participation of publishers to insure that our collection remains as diverse as possible.

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For Authors

We are all about being helpful to authors at Touch Reading!

With Touch Reading, you can easily self-publish and manage your book online with just few clicks.

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For Schools

The evidence is clear: Touch Reading works!

The app design and user-friendliness with high-quality features improves student’s ability to learn and attention to details, leading them on a path for success in school and in life.

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For NGO’s

Touch Reading is designed to promote the importance of building literacy in developing countries. NGOs that inspire imagination, curiosity, awareness and learning among students can garner the educational curriculum through Touch Reading.

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About Touch Reading as a company

Touch Reading was founded in 2015 to transform the way kids learn and read at schools and home. Staffed by professional developers, testers and engineers, Touch Reading encourages all type of book reading through smart gadgets i.e. Tablets and mobile. The team behind Touch Reading share the passion of improving the quality of user experience, navigation and compatibility.

Touch Reading is awarded as Best e-Learning App at ICT Awards in 2016.


Yes that’s exactly what it does, that a child while reading a book can touch any letter or word on the screen, and that word will be readout in clear audio to the child.

Abbas Mushtaq

I love that my students can touch a word and the app will read it to them. Sometimes my struggling readers like to try to do stories that are just too difficult for them.

Fabian Martinez

My Favourite part of this product is the colour coding of the words. This helps with visual and audio recognition. I love it.

Jenna Johnson