Solutions for Publisher / Authors

For Publishers

The Touch Reading encourages books from various sources around the globe with goal of reflecting as many of our world’s culture as possible. We rely on the international participation of publishers to insure that our collection remains as diverse as possible.

If you’re a publisher and are interested in contributing books into the Touch Reading, please access our step by step guide.

Just a quick heads up, the emerging trend of moving away from traditional publishing to technology publishing via third-party technology platforms, those third-party platforms will most likely be on iPads or mobile.

We know you work hard day and night to make sure people notice your content, but you will need to make it massively shareable, how do you do that? Touch Reading solves that problem.

For Authors

We are all about being helpful to authors at Touch Reading!

With Touch Reading, you can easily self-publish and manage your book online with just few clicks.

Touch Reading can be used by authors to achieve more exposure, wide distribution and free marketing so that you can generate more opportunities than you imagined.

The Touch Reading Author Program is an exciting feature designed to help authors reach their target audience — i.e. passionate readers. This is the perfect place for new or established authors to promote their books.

For Schools

The evidence is clear: Touch Reading works!

The app design and user-friendliness with high-quality features improves student’s ability to learn and attention to details, leading them on a path for success in school and in life.

Touch Reading is committed to join hands with schools to introduce innovative approaches and models that allows us to teach children with superior quality and methods of learning.  

With the Touch Reading app, schools can transform the learning process by smart devices i.e. tablets and use our features like audio reading, rich visuals and easy navigation to enhance the learning experience of students.

For NGO’s

Touch Reading is designed to promote the importance of building literacy in developing countries. NGOs that inspire imagination, curiosity, awareness and learning among students can garner the educational curriculum through Touch Reading.

Touch Reading is capable of an offline learning system which extends the power of learning  with no-internet communities. The children with Touch Reading facility can outperform other children, gaining greater language and literacy skills.

We are committed to re-instil the love of reading & learning in our children, by bringing their favourite books from traditional hardcover format to their iPads and tablets, so they can discover the joy of reading from the very first page.


Yes that’s exactly what it does, that a child while reading a book can touch any letter or word on the screen, and that word will be readout in clear audio to the child.

Abbas Mushtaq

I love that my students can touch a word and the app will read it to them. Sometimes my struggling readers like to try to do stories that are just too difficult for them.

Fabian Martinez

My Favourite part of this product is the colour coding of the words. This helps with visual and audio recognition. I love it.

Jenna Johnson